Dampak Modal Fisik Dan Manusia Terhadap Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Sektor Pertanian Di Sumatera Selatan

Sektor pertanian di Indonesia termasuk salah satu sektor yang berperan penting dalam pembangunan ekonomi. Ada beberapa alasan yang mendukung bahwa pentingnya sektor pertanian di Indonesia antara lain…


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Exploring the Life Purpose of My Network

As we all have a life of purpose. So in order to know the life purposes of my network people, I contacted them and asked them to share their life of purposes. I contacted with my 2 friends and also with my Mamu g and my Father too.

’’My first friend Abubakar replied me that he has a life of purpose to become a successful entrepreneur in his life. He already made many sacrifices for achieving his goals like firstly he left his studies to go to the business and joined his Uncle’s business. Then they had a big loss in their business and their economic conditions became worst. Also they faced many problems like cases were registered against them in courts and also they had to stay some time in jail also. So his story really inspired me that he is ready to give sacrifices to become a successful entrepreneur in his life and IA he will made it possible because he knows that in order to achieve our life goals we have to give sacrifices.

My second friend that is Ali Mashood is now in USA and is living a successful and comfortable life but this life not come with ease, he had made a number of sacrifices for it. Ali belonged to a poor family. His life of purpose was to settle in USA. His father was running a medical store and he had not enough money to achieve his goal. Then they made sacrifices for it and sent her mother to the USA to her brother. Ali faced many problems after her mother in his house related to the cooking, living and other household things. He also had to live with out his mother for about 3 years. But he stood on his life of purpose and also prepared for different types of courses in order to get the USA Visa. So finally he achieved his goals and now he is in USA and living his peaceful life because he gave sacrifices for it.

My Mamu g told me that he had a life of purpose to become a successful entrepreneur but he faced many problems in his life. After the death of his father when he was only 18 years old he faced many problems in his family. Also he gave up his studies and started his own business which flopped because his friends made a fraud with him. H e also faced many economic problems in his family but he gave many sacrifices and finally now he is an owner of his own business of construction. His life story also promoted me a lot.

And the last I am telling the story of my own father. My father belonged to a poor family. His life of purpose was to get education and to become a doctor and to help the poor society. My grandfather had not so much money to gave my father the necessary education but my father gave many sacrifices to achieve his goal. He worked very hard and got scholarships through out his education career and he also had to stay away from his family for a long time to achieve his life purpose. No my father has achieved his life of purpose and this a really inspiring and great example for me.’’

’’I learned by talking with them that every person in this world has their own why but the common thing is that every one sacrificed some thing to achieve his goals, so I should also have to give sacrifices if I want to achieve my life goals. My conversation with them teaches me the same thing that I learnt in my Amal Course of life of purpose. My ’’Why’’ is to become a successful entrepreneur in my life. As a chemical engineer, firstly I will have to work in industries and will have to generate or collect a huge amount of money for the business. I will have to give many sacrifices for my mission but I am ready to give scarifies for it.’’ :)


Hafiz Husnain Akhtar

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