Exploring the Life Purpose of My Network

As we all have a life of purpose. So in order to know the life purposes of my network people, I contacted them and asked them to share their life of purposes. I contacted with my 2 friends and also…


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How I used the Coronavirus Lockdown to reach physical greatness and mental clarity

Growing up overweight and unhealthy is a common issue for so many of the current generation and comes with just more than the physical visible effects. From my own personal experience, I always felt uncomfortable in my own body never feeling happy with the way I looked. People nowadays tend to blame this feeling largely on the image portrayed on social media of the perfect body type but I disagree with this on the whole. Being healthy should have no negative connotations because how can promoting eating the right foods and lowering body fat percentages so that it is in the healthy range come with negative attitudes. The qualms I have with social media is that these images which are achievable are gained in unhealthy, unsustainable and damaging ways, targeting vulnerable people in order to sell something that won’t work. However, the majority of fitness models take performance-enhancing drugs and claim natural status but the signs are obvious if you know what to look for. People have begun to move the other way and glorify unhealthy body images which promote being overweight as not being a bad thing which makes no sense to me at all. As someone who has experienced being unhealthy, obese and feeling not worthy this needs to stop and people need to be educated on nutrition and exercise rather than being told its okay to remain the way you are. I’ve started this journal as I feel I have a story to tell and can help others on their journey to feel the way I do now.

I’ve always had periods of losing a bit of weight and feeling good for a while and then finding myself back at the place I started. I would say this has happened to me a good 20 times in my life managing to lose a good amount of weight, most of the time unhealthily as I fell victim to fads and social media lies, and then packing it all back on because I reverted to my bad habits without even realising what I was doing. I fell in love with the gym by the age of 16 but this relationship had its highs and lows with constant fluctuations with my attitude and consistency. I am now 21 and finally achieved an image which I set out to get, although now with my current attitude, knowledge and mental toughness I want to continue improving and get as strong as I possibly can. Most people saw the lockdown that occurred as something negative, being confined to their homes having “nothing to do.” If you felt like this, I genuinely want you to ask yourself how are you not always learning when you have access to all the knowledge you could ever want in the palm of your hand. People love going out to waste time on stupid things like sitting in a pub multiple times a week, having pointless conversations that never amount to anything, wasting money on fast food that holds no nutritional value. I have no issue with people doing this every now and then, but when I see that this takes up a majority of a person’s time, why do you love doing nothing? I personally think it’s because it’s easy and everyone nowadays is programmed to consume and not produce themselves. People spend more time with people who bring them down rather than help them better and improve themselves. I can promise you as someone who used to do this, wasting the majority of their time on menial activities, I will not be reverting to as I have never seen life so clear.

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