Everything You Need To Know About Singapore Offshore Company

As Singapore is a commodity trade center connecting Asia and the wider world, opening a Singapore offshore company is one of the best ways for international investors to access the Asia market. This…


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How to create a CJS module

Use modules to write reusable code in Node.js

Modules are building blocks of code structures and allow Node.js developers to build better structure, reuse, and distribute code. Since Node v14, there are two kinds of modules, CommonJS Modules (CJS) and EcmaScript Modules (ESM) . This article is about CommonJS modules (CJS).

When importing a CJS module, you have to require it. The result of require is in some cases a function, which creates a new instance, but this is not guaranteed. The require function will always return what is exported from the module.

Let’s create a local module, which will convert any input string to uppercase and use it in five steps.

The output to the terminal should be THIS WILL BE UPPERCASE.

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