Your guide to list an apartment in Seattle on Airbnb

My cousin is no different he had an extra apartment in Seattle and wanted to list it, the only problem was he had no idea about listings and neither did I. What I did find is data set for Airbnb…


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Week 10

On being officially not in the web team anymore, part 2 of the Co-op Academies tour and recruitment 🌅

Week 10!

2nd leg of the Co-op Academies design tour happened this week, this time in Pudsey/Bradford.

We had a retro at the beginning of the week for the 1st leg to see how we can improve the session. There was a lot of talking at the beginning of the session so we broke that up with an exercise to set some team principles for the students, and we tweaked the deck to show some more work.

Bit tougher this week, mainly as the students weren’t aware we were coming and some were totally disengaged. I ended up just getting to know one team because they said they didn’t want to be there. Not much you can do about that, but we are taking it into next weeks retro to try and improve it again.

Having said that the rest of the group were super bought in and loved it, so we can still count the day as a success!

Eva, Gillian and Richard were our team at Priesthorpe this week.

This week I am off the web team and getting ready to join my new team (more on that in a future week note). However, I still have a lot to tidy and wrap up before I feel comfortable leaving. Mainly, amending the maps with feedback from last weeks user journey playback/workshop.

I’ve also been giving design direction on some of the food transition prototypes with Gup our front-end engineer. Having a lot of chat about squircles with stakeholders, which is taking up too much of my time.

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