How I used the Coronavirus Lockdown to reach physical greatness and mental clarity

Growing up overweight and unhealthy is a common issue for so many of the current generation and comes with just more than the physical visible effects. From my own personal experience, I always felt…


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I am at that stage of life where inconsistency is a battle. I picked up a rule, set a time and an alarm, and each time it rang, I switched it off and still not do it. Asked myself many times, what could be the problem? Why isn’t anything working so well with my perfect plan?

So many motivational talks about this same topic, be consistent, be this or be that and I constantly laughed at myself because they don’t sink in for as long as I can remember.

Many also talked about what being consistent, persistent to what you do could bring out, the excellent results and more, but it seems the words were landing on deaf ears.

I wet my pillows with tears daily, thinking it will solve it and shapen my memory, give me the strength i need but it still failed.

I felt everyone was doing so well with their consistent life and maybe I was my own problem. Alas, I realized it was a lie, they were also facing this battle, they lied to me and made me feel bad, a fallacy I fell for. Yet, i made up my mind to fight.

Inconsistency is a battle you and I can win, all we need to do is accept the truth and deal with it.

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