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Your guide to list an apartment in Seattle on Airbnb

What a view

My cousin is no different he had an extra apartment in Seattle and wanted to list it, the only problem was he had no idea about listings and neither did I.

What I did find is data set for Airbnb listings in Seattle and though “oh you know what I might be able to help after all”

My cousin first question was where is the competition he wanted to know which neighborhoods had the most listings this was quite straightforward we found the top 20 neighborhoods with listings in Seattle

He wanted to stay clear of the highly competitive neighborhoods so lucky for him his apartment’ neighborhood was not in this list

The second Question he had he wanted to know if the number of reviews and the review score affect the price he figured if he got a few good reviews it might be just okay to increase the price

Seemed like a good hunch however the data didn’t support it indicated little correlation with review scores and even -ve correlation with number of reviews(Maybe due to people writing more negative reviews than positive ones)

The last Question my cousin had what price should he charge for his apartment and factors do affect the price the most, quite tricky because I had no idea!!

I thought why not use the data for that as well so I used a ML model to predict listings price and we could use that to get a good price estimate for my cousins apartment

I found correlations with the price to find the variables that have an impact

We could predict a good estimate for what a price of an apartment should be

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