How a Business Owner Should Understand Business Valuation

The motive to find the value of a business might range from buying/ selling business opinions, Business means Valuation Dubai raising capital through borrowings, Business Assets Valuation Dubai…


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O Name

A Sonnet

Courtesy Priti Ghosh

I heard Thy name in a nameless moment,
By a fated second conspired by gods and stars.
A javelin from the timeless pierced a timed instant,
And my heart broods no more for the world and its wars.

O Name, O Syllable dancing and dwelling upon
My lip and mind and sinew as unnamed savour.
My heart has swallowed my being even,
It now pines for Thee in feverish fervour.

O Name, man and woman and god unknowable
What occult spell has Thou cast on me?
All is ash, all colour and sound and things of fable,
Is yet nothing without a pinch of Thee.

O Name, O Beauty immaculate and afar,
Let me gaze upon Thee forever as a star.

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